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Subject: New softgel manufacturing facilities in place with NutraLab Canada

Date: November 2, 2010


NutraLab Canada is pleased to announce that new softgel manufacturing facilities are now in place as of late October.  The new added equipment will enable NutraLab to more than double its softgel production capabilities, while maintaining a high standard of superb quality at a competitive and reasonable price.

As one of the newest trends in nutraceuticals, softgels offer unique benefits not available to other forms of encapsulation: 

                Biological Benefits:       

·      Softgels are the only way to encapsulate liquids and oils, which are more readily absorbed in the body

·      As softgels are hermetically sealed, they offer protection and safety assurances beyond those of traditional production methods.  Softgels are also tamper-proof, since any puncture will cause content leakage, making it impossible to crack open and replace the inner contents.

Marketing Benefits:

·      Softgels are more attractive than capsules or tablets, making them easier to promote to customers

·      Softgels do not resemble traditional medications, thus increasing its acceptability to customers

Production Benefits:

·       Softgels allow for more flexible formulations, being able to hold both liquids and powders


NutraLab Canada offers softgels of round, oblong, and oval shape, as well as size options for your convenience.  We are confident in our ability to perfectly deliver on all your nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing needs.

Please contact Heidi, Robert, or Winnie today at 905-752-1823 to inquire more about our services!