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Octopamine ( from Bitter Orange)


Extracted from bitter orange, Octopamine is a naturally occuring potent selective beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonist.It has been shown in in-vitro animal studies to exhibit strong lipolytic activity in fat cells.

The natural Octopamine ( also known as norsynephrine), is a stimulant-free, and is also the first selective beta-3 agonist ever to be isolated and made available as a nutritional supplement. There are reports that Octopamine may stimulate beta-3 adrenoceptors to increased metabolism, and their ability to mediate human fat loss.
It is believed it holds tremendous promise as a powerful, comfortable and safe fat-loss alternative to a non-selective beta agonist like ephedrine.



Alternative application in weight control.Dietary supplements, functional foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


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