Today, we are getting more and more requirement for blister packaging for natural and vitamin supplement products, that allow our consumers who increase the confidence of product packaging safety and easy to use, and easy to carry. so Nutralab new investment has provided the choice to our customers.

The PBP series Blister packaging machine combines the advanced automatic blister packaging technologies. The machine may perform Alu-plastic and Alu-Alu packaging need used for pharmaceutical and food products ( capsule, tablet, sugar-coated tablet, pills, and milk tablet).

Main Features:

  1. It is a fully automatic process from heating PVC, forming, feeding, sealing, embossing, perforating and trimming.
  2. Minimizing the waste of materials due to no scrap, no horizontal side cutting.
  3. Automatically printing serial numbers and pressing breaking line.
  4. Easy to adjust module and change parts.
  5. the advanced PLC touch-screen for operation control and speed & frequency conversion.
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