Nutralab has recently completed an installation for his 2nd automatic coating system. The new coating system is designed for tablet and softgel enteric coating for Natural Health Supplements

Enteric coating is applied in many pharmaceutical medications to control the absorption of the drug but it is not very often seen in the natural supplement industry.  However, enteric coating in health supplements might just be as important as in medicinal drugs.

Enteric coating in health supplements offer benefits including the increase of their bioavailability:

–    Enteric coating is applied in oral supplements to control the location in the digestive system where the supplements will be absorbed.  This type of coating will offer an optimal delivery system to increase supplement absorption.
–    Enteric refers to the small intestine; enteric-coated capsules will prevent the release of active ingredients until they reach the small intestine.
–    Enteric coating used in fish oil supplements will prevent fish oil to be absorbed in the stomach causing a possibly fishy aftertaste.

With enteric coating, supplements will be absorbed in the small intestine instead of the stomach.  The active ingredients may become damaged by gastric juices and enzymes when they are absorbed in the

As a new oral drug delivery system for colon targeting, enteric coated timed-release press-coated tablets (ETP tablets) and softgel were developed by coating enteric polymer on timed-release press-coated tablets composed of an outer shell of hydroxypropyl cellulose and core tablet containing diltiazem hydrochloride (DIL) as a model drug.

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