Eurycoma Longifolia ( EL ) is a plant that works as a sex enhancer or an aphrodisiac and is well known in Malaysia, Singpore, Indonesia and Thailand.There are many uses of EL . The roots, the stem, the leaves have long been used: 1)to cure fever;2)ulcers in the mouth;3)intestinal worms;4)as a tonic after childbirth;5)as an anti-pyretic;6)for dysentery.

Currently, it is mostly known as an aphrodisiac Despite all the above uses of EL, but the most attracted usage is the aphrodisiac. This plant has been tested in various places for its aphrodisiac effects.

Phytochemistry: The active constituents in E. longifolia, and many other species in the Family Simaroubaceae, include quassin, neo-quassin, glaukarubin, sedrin, eurycomanol which are mostly derivatives from compounds with 20 carbon atoms.


20:1 and 100:1


Health supplement for aphrodisiac,sex enhancer

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