Jiaogulan (pronounced ‘jee-ow-goo-lan’) is a vine which grows wild in mountainous areas of Southern China and other parts of Asia. In China, the herb is known as ‘herb of immortality’ as it is believed to delay aging and increase endurance. It is in a rare class of herbs called ��adaptogens�� that help your body without causing any harm or imbalance. Jiaogulan is especially helpful in building your body��s natural resistance to stress. The amazing effect jiaogulan has on cardio-vascular health has earned it the title of ��the herbal heart defender��.



Jiaogulan – China’s “Immortality Herb” – is traditionally used to:
* regulate blood pressure
* support a healthy cholesterol balance
* support cardiovascular function
* support the body’s natural adrenal process
* support the body’s healthy immune system

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