Notoginseng—not the “Ginseng” most Americans know. Rather, this is the root that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. One of China’s most famous herbalists said that the root was “more valuable than gold.” The herb is used as a general tonic, or a medicine to tone and strengthen the entire system. In particular, notoginseng is considered a blood and heart tonic. Chinese herbalists consider it to have a neutral energy, meaning it is neither heating nor cooling in the system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, notoginseng is believed to act on the heart and Kidney meridians, which are the channels that contain the flow of qi (life energy) in the body.

Notoginseng is widely considered to be the best pain fighting, bleed-fighting and anti-inflammatory herb, mainly growing in Yunnan and
Guangxi in China.It contains rich saponins, mainly including Arasaponin A, B.

Notoginseng can also improve circulation and lower blood pressure. One of the most popular pain and wound-healing chinese medicines , Yunnan Bia Yao is made mainly using Notoginseng.


10% Notoginsenosides



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