Nutralab Canada ‘s Fish Oil Omega 3 awarded 5-star rating, IFOS

With growing contamination concerns for the consumer, and recent clinical data suggesting the negative effects of mercury and PCBs from edible marine sources, the IFOS program continues to grow in popularity and prove its value as a reliable source for third-party validation. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many clinically established health benefits of omega 3, but are equally concerned with contamination issues. The IFOS program delivers a suitable venue for the fish oil Omega 3 products industry to showcase credible product sources.

Nutralab Canada has its dedication to providing only premium-quality ingredients and delivering finished products that meet the highest standards and criteria, we had our Fish oil Omega 3 EPA/DHA  scientifically analyzed and rated by IFOS. Nutralab has been awarded an IFOS 5-Star rating for purity, quality, and concentration consistently since 2005—the highest possible rating for fish oil.

IFOS fish oils are ultra high-grade fish oils that have been tested to meet very strict standards of purity and quality. Their most popular reports are the Five Star Ratings Reports. This category is used to test ultra-refined, super-concentrated fish oils with a minimum 60 percent combined EPA/DHA concentration.

A fish oil is given ‘5 Stars’ if it meets criteria in 5 specific areas:

  1. Star 1 – Product Passes All CRN/WHO Testing Categories
  2. Star 2 – Product Tests Show Minimum 60% EPA plus DHA combined concentration
  3. Star 3 – Oxidation Level Less Than 75% of CRN Standard
  4. Star 4 – PCB Levels Less Than 50% of CRN Standard
  5. Star 5 – Dioxin and Furan Levels Less Than 50% of WHO Standard

The 5 Star Rating is as follows:

  • 5 Star – Exceptional Product Batch
  • 4 Star – Very Good Batch
  • 3 Star – Good Batch
  • 2 Star – Fair Batch
  • 1 Star – Poor Batch
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