NutraLab Canada Corp. has recently developed a delayed time-release, non-enteric coated fish oil softgel.

The benefits of fish oil omega-3 supplements are widely known and recognized. However, many consumers still hesitate to take fish oil supplements, in large part due to its unpleasant “fishy” aftertaste and harmless, yet vexing side effects such as “fish burps”.

Enteric-coated fish oil softgels have long been used to avoid the stomach reflux issues that cause fish burps. By coating the softgel in a polymer coating, the softgel is only digested once it passes the stomach to bypass any possible stomach digestion problems. While a practical choice, enteric coating creates a hazy film around the softgel, and destroys the natural transparent attractiveness of softgels.

NutraLab has successfully developed a patent pending process that creates a delayed time-release fish oil softgel without using any coating. By directly modifying the softgel’s gelatin skin, NutraLab was able to create a completely clear, transparent softgel that looks identical to normal softgels, but that dissolve more approximately 3.5 to 4 minutes after ingestion. By that point, most ingested food has passed through the stomach and any possible stomach reflux issues. By comparison, normal non-coated softgels dissolve around the 15-second mark.

NutraLab is currently working on developing this new delayed time-release technology for a wider range of health supplements and is perfecting the technique for mass commercial production.

To learn more about NutraLab’s new patent pending, non-enteric coated delayed time-release softgels, please contact Jeff Song at

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