NutraLab Canada Corp. is proud to announce that it is now a research partner of the NRC, Canada’s National Research Council.

The primary research and technology organization under the Government of Canada, the NRC is a leader in scientific innovation and research. Combining the three R&D divisions of Emerging Technologies, Life Sciences, and Engineering, the NRC focuses on a number of key industry sectors including aerospace, information technologies, and human health therapeutics.

NutraLab was recently accepted as an NRC research partner for the study of fish oil stability. As the best-selling natural health supplement ranking only behind multivitamins, fish oil has already gained widespread consumer recognition and acceptance. NutraLab’s current research on how to improve the active ingredient stability, shelf life, and absorption potency of fish oil will further improve the benefits and marketability of fish oil.

Dr. Peter Ou will personally lead the NRC fish oil stability research project. As NutraLab’s founder, CEO, and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ou has over three decades of scientific research experience and will oversee a team of expert R&D professionals in this project.

NutraLab expects to complete this research project within the coming year. Results from this study are expected to benefit not only NutraLab clients but also the nutraceutical industry as a whole.

As part of NutraLab’s NRC research project, NutraLab will also be developing specialized natural supplement formulas for children. Childhood malnutrition can become a serious development issue, especially for picky eaters and children who lack access to highly nutritious foods. NutraLab is conducting research to create an entire pediatric line of health supplements for a range of uses to contribute to better nutrition and all-round development needs during a child’s most important formative years. At the moment, the research project’s scope covers issues from ensuring adequate nutrition intake to treating more specific concerns.

To learn more about NutraLab’s fish oil stability research project, and NutraLab’s new role as an NRC research partner, please contact Jeff Song at

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