Dr. Peter Ou, CEO of Honson Pharmatech Group / Nutralab Canada is invited to speak about the “What is our industry concern and Challenges to GMP compliance” that is organized by IPA, Canada during 21 to 22, Montreal. Canada.

A Two-Day Interactive Conference with Updates and Discussions on:

  • The Canadian Regulatory Environment:
    • Update on the Natural Health Products Regulations:
    • Backlog Status
    • New Initiatives
    • Compliance & Enforcement
  • South of the Border:
    • The Regulatory Environment for Dietary Supplements
    • New Policies and Initiatives
    • Implementation of GMPs
    • Comparison of US and Canadian Regulations for Dietary Supplements & Natural Health Products.
  • Challenges of Meeting Public Demand and NHPD Regulation
  • Defining an NHP and the Food, Cosmetic and Drug Interface
  • Marketing Compliance for NHPs and Advertising
  • Compliance, Marketing and Intellectual Property Challenges for NHP’s
  • Safe Supplements and  Athletic Performance- NHP’s Future Research and Development
  • Future Safety & Efficacy Requirements for NHP’s
  • Adverse event reporting for herbal medicines: A result of market forces
  • US GMP Update: Implementation and Compliance Challenges
  • Industry Concerns and Challenges to GMP Compliance
  • Role of Certified Reference Materials in Implementing GMPs
  • Validated Analytical Methods: The Case for Quality Measurements
  • GMP Compliance and Supply Chain Integrity
  • Site Licensing:
    • Renewal Process
    • Summary of Net Changes Form
    • Quality Assurance Report
    • Management of Foreign Sites

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