Nutralab Canada is delighted to share that our Omega-3 Fish Oil has once again been awarded IFOS’s highest rating, with five out of five stars!  This means that our product places in the top-ranking ultra-refined products category, and presents the most health benefits and highest quality standard as compared to other classes.

The universally accepted International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) testing and certification system were established to offer consumers a clear standard as to the quality of the fish oil supplements they were buying.  Although omega-3 fish oil presents a myriad of health benefits, many have been concerned as to the level of toxic pollutants surviving the manufacturing process and ending up in the final consumer product.  As well, many fish oil supplements on the market actually contain very low levels of omega-3, making their health benefit insufficient or even questionable.  The IFOS tests for pollutants such as mercury and PCB using standards far lower than that set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), as well as for omega-3 content to ensure the quality of the final product.

IFOS grades products and awards stars based on the following stringent criteria:

  • Passes all CRN/WHO testing categories
  • Contains greater than 60% Omega-3 Concentration
  • Oxidation level less than 75% of CRN Standard
  • PCB levels less than 50% of CRN Standard
  • Dioxin levels less than 50% of WHO standard

Nutralab’s Omega-3 Fish Oil passed all five requisites and was therefore awarded the highest possible 5-star rating.  Nutralab has always been committed to providing the highest-quality ingredients to our clients, and we strongly believe our high rating given by an independent third-party validation test further emphasizes that stance.  We warmly welcome you to inquire more about our Omega-3 Fish Oil by calling 905-752-1823, or by emailing

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