“American Ginseng offers a lot of health benefits and has been well documented by many scientific research articles. Health Canada NPN monograph has also authorized the ginseng for many health benefit applications , like the supports of immunity , diabetes, stress, cold remedies etc ..In Asia ginseng  has been used for thousands years for illness prevention and treatment.. however, ginseng roots have been most traditionally used only as superfoods.. Canadian Gingseng enjoys the higher reputation of quality products in Asia and become the No.1 choice of healthy gifts for family .. this is a good time to merge and apply the natural wonder ginseng roots into Nutraceuticals to offer more options of natural health supplements ,for prevention and alternative choice of natural medicine for our people health. Thanks for the opportunity for being the partner working with Pan X Corp, (Farmaroots) , one of the largest American Ginseng farms and producers in North America ( located in ontario), for development and manufacturing of American Ginseng Health Supplement products . I am excited for Nutralab opportunity to work for the projects ,and sharing my great passion with Dan’ team at the Pan X Corp for the future success !” – Dr. Peter Ou.

TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pan-X Corp., the makers of “Farmaroot” ginseng products announces their collaboration with NutraLab Canada Corp., a leading private label supplement manufacturer.

Pan-X Corp., one of Canada’s premium functional superfoods manufacturers with a wide range of ginseng-based products in its “Farmaroot” product line up including dried and fresh premium 4 and 5 year old roots, ginseng powders (100g and 20g pouches) and 2 low calorie ginseng beverages, is now launching specially formulated ginseng capsules. Ginseng has long been used as a primary active ingredient in natural supplements and remedies.

“Ginseng has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese as a health supplement to boost vitality and the immune system as well as a remedy for many types of ailments. With Farmaroot, we are bringing all the benefits of this ancient functional superfood to the modern consumer in formats that are familiar and easy to consume. Our collaboration with NutraLab Canada is the next step in the evolution of our products,” explains Daniel Kaye, President and Co-Founder of Pan-X Corp. “We believe that having NutraLab as our manufacturing partner combined with ingredients made from our premium Grade AAA 100% Canadian ginseng direct from our farms is a winning combination that will benefit all Canadians.”

The collaboration with NutraLab Canada means that Farmaroot has access to the best formulations and most meticulous capsule manufacturer in North America with over 25 years of experience. From soft gels and tablets to gummies, capsules and syrups, NutraLab has been formulating and manufacturing many of the natural health products consumers have come to love and rely on.

“We are excited to have Pan-X Corp. choose NutraLab as its partner, helping their Farmaroot brand to become the Number 1 brand of ginseng products in North America,” says Dr. Peter Ou, PhD (Pharm, UCL), Chief Scientific Officer and Director of NutraLab Canada Corp. “Now is the time to migrate ginseng from the traditional ‘food’ category to being recognized as a mainstream nutraceutical additive with health maintenance and pharmaceutical applications. We are proud to help Pan-X achieve this mission.”

Farmaroot, a member of the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA), will be announcing its capsule formulations in the very near future with its initial products being sold in major retail stores and online at farmaroot.co

Pan-X Corp.
Pan-X Corp is the maker of “Farmaroot”, Canada’s #1 brand of functional superfoods containing Grade AAA ginseng direct from their own farms. Pan-X Corp. is the largest grower of 100% Canadian OGGA certified ginseng in North America. Pan-X Corp.’s mission is to bring the best quality ginseng to the world in unique and innovative formats that will redefine the “functional superfoods” category where the farm is the manufacturer. Farmaroot will Enlighten positivity and Empower resilience by creating products that enhance mental stamina, balance stress and boost immunity with zero unhealthy additives. (https://www.farmaroot.co)

NutraLab Canada Corp.
NutraLab Canada Corp. located in Toronto, Canada is a leading Canadian contract manufacturer for private label and custom formula natural health and vitamin supplement products. NutraLab is CGM and SQF certified and is inspected by both Health Canada and US FDA. For over 25 years NutraLab has been serving many of the leading brands of Nutraceuticals and health supplements around the world. (https://NutraLabcorp.com/)

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