Plant-based Nutraceuticals & Private Label Opportunity

Plant-based Nutraceuticals & Private Label opportunity

Healthy Lifestyle Leading to the Increasing high demand for the Vegan Vitamins and Supplements that has become a most fast growing sector

of today health supplement market. Plant-based nutraceuticals may offer us more health benefits than the other synthetic one, as it contains many vitamins and minerals that are naturally derived, more easily assimilated in the body; they have additional cofactors and co-nutrients, better chances of getting absorbed in their natural form than the synthetic ones. We may also formulate with adding some functional botanical extracts to target specific wellness or health problem while remaining to keep many advantages of plant-based supplements .

Plant-based products may be also formulated to provide of a nutritional multivitamin range or a specific demand for vitamins and minerals ( like VC, D and Iron)as required to meet the vegan consumption needs for our health benefits.

Manufacturing for Plant-based nutraceuticals or supplements seems simple but is critical in formulation, especially in taste/favour and processing in a safety HACCP environment. Nutralab Canada , an SQF and GMP certified facility would have it all at one-stop service for private label products.

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