Nutralab is proud to be a SQF Certified Site

Plant based supplements and whole foods vitamins normally from fruits, vegetable offer a better absorption and bioavailability vis “ synthetic vitamins “ ; even the fact is that the majority of the supplements on the market today are synthetic ( process) , specially multivitamins, despite widely accepted view is that synthetic vitamins are chemically identical to those found in whole foods; However , whole form is more closer to the real nutrients, as all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes together work synergistically to give your body the nutrition it requires for optimal health; our manufacturer could prepare for the formula products as the dosage required as RDA in the form of powder ,capsule, liquid or tablet.

Nutralab is pleased to be on SQF Certified Site , thank to our Nutralab team efforts and the supports from our industry partners for our success of continued improvement ; with the latest facilities of Certified HACCP / SQF based food safety plans and GMP , Nutralab would be of more competent to manufacture and serve our private label clients , and the market demands for high quality organic, plant-based supplement products .

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