Tip 1: strategically creating your supplement

Knowing your target market and competition will help you formulate a competitive product that will hit the ground running. You can design your product and even choose which feature you would like to focus on to position it well in the market. 

While it is important to know your competition, it is more important to gain access to your target market and get them buying your product. 

Tip 2: Choosing your supplement manufacturer

Your supplement manufacturer can help you make your product more marketable based on its formulation. They can help you with the processes involved. There are several things you should consider while choosing a manufacturer.

1 – make sure you choose a reputable manufacturer who is known for their quality. They should know their product well enough to answer questions in a timely manner and be able to provide you with evidence or any information regarding the process that you need. Look for reviews on the manufacturer. 

2 – Choose a manufacturer who is NSF compliant. Make sure to verify this before you sign a contract with them. 

3 – Choosing the cheapest manufacturer could mean sacrificing quality. Make sure you choose the best quality for the best price. 

4 – Check to see if your manufacturer provides everything from manufacturing to testing, packaging, labeling, and distribution. This means you can get everything processed through them making your life easier. 

Tip 3 – Working with your manufacturer

1 – Ask a lot of questions! Make sure you know everything possible about the process of developing your product. You can also ask about their experience, certifications, specifications, and testing. Check about the quality of their ingredients, their quality control, and quality assurance. Find out about their order quantities and graphic designers for the product. 

2 – Your manufacturer should want to work with you to make a great product. This means not just saying yes to everything you say. They should provide feedback even if it is an opposing view to make sure that your product meets standards and is delivering on its claims. 

Tip 4 – Optimizing Marketing angles

It is important to pinpoint the key features that will make your product stand out from the competition and make it appealing to your market. Once you have identified these features you can work backward to make sure your product delivers. 

This means going a step ahead in comparison to your competition and not just providing a similar product. This could mean working with the formulation in great detail. A good manufacturer should help you with whatever you need in terms of product development. 

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