Dr. Peter Ou, the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of NutraLab Canada Ltd., recently visited the Guelph Food Research Center (GFRC), a key research force and Laboratory of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada located in Guelph University. Talks were held with Dr. John Shi, senior research scientist, to discuss initial plans for a joint collaborative research project on the “Optimization of Functional Food Formulation with Synergistic Effects.” The focus of this research project is to examine the optimal use of natural ingredients and marine materials for better formula delivery and absorption.

Dr. Peter Ou had previously conducted research studies in the University of London (UCL) regarding the therapeutic effect of natural antioxidants on Type II Diabetes and had identified the standardized actives of natural ingredients and herbal extracts.

Dr. John Shi is a leading research scientist and professor on ‘green’ processing technology and nutraceutical/natural ingredients. Dr. Shi has published many books and articles about the synergistic effects and formulation optimization of natural ingredients.

We expect more extensive discussions in the near future to fully develop this exciting new joint collaboration project, with NutraLab combining our manufacturing expertise with Dr. Shi’s specialism. This research project will also allow NutraLab to better improve our capacity and experience in transforming manufacturing expertise into strongly marketable commercial products for our clients.

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